EarthGL is a javascript library to display images from a WMS server on a digital model of the Earth. It is based on WebGL and the HTML5 canvas element. It was implemented to visulalize horizontal and vertical sections of ocean variables.

The library API is similar to OpenLayers.

Most major browsers are implementing or have implemented WebGL (including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera). Microsoft's Internet Explorer does not support WebGL. More information about how to get a browser supporting WebGL can be found here.

EarthGL is tested with Google Chrome 9 and 10 and Firefox 4.0

Your browser doesn't appear to support WebGL. An up-to-date list of browsers that do support WebGL, is available here.
Yeah, your browser appears to support WebGL!

Mouse control

Draging rotates the Earth and scrolling zooms in or out.


EarthGL is distributed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3.


The source code and examples are available here.

EarthGL examples


If your browser cannot play the embedded video, you can download it as an Ogg video (Firefox, Chrome, VLC) or an MP4 video (other platforms)